It Isn't About HRC Losing It Is About Hatred and the KKK Winning

Dear Mr. President,

Image of the biracial  brown skinned 44th President of the United States
wearing a blue shirt with blue/white striped tie, black jacket with
US Flag lapel pin and short cropped hair. He is beginning to smile. 
I heard your speech today. Addressing the nation as one would petulant school children after a particularly brutal schoolyard brawl, you reminded us that we were all on the same team and so we must unite behind the KKK endorsed President-elect. You view our rejection of the President-elect as our not accepting Secretary Clinton losing to Trump. You must know it is not that simple an issue.

I have had the civil liberty of free speech under your Presidency for 8 years now. I will miss my right to disagree with a sitting President without being jailed or threatened with a lawsuit. Let me avail myself of that right one final time.

Respectfully Mr. President, asking me to get behind a man who gleefully accepted the endorsement of the Ku Klux Klan, the group that visited devastating harm upon my father's people and chidingly calling me a sore loser for not doing so to boot, is insensitive and wrong. My repudiation of this man isn't a sore loser's behavior, it is the shocked reaction of a woman who knows what the Klan is capable of, and who is stunned at the legitimizing of this group by using this candidate's ambition and the GOP's greed for a voting block to secure their entry into mainstream American politics. You are telling people to accept this, and accept the candidate who invited them into power with open arms. Wow.

I doubt you'll read this but at least I'll have stated how disrespectful that is to my family and generations of victims of the KKK and white supremacists groups.

You want me to get behind the man who made thousands of Americans targets for hate groups while the retired KKK Grand Dragon who endorsed him has a victory party all night. Are you okay with this?

 I appreciate your input and will miss your leadership. But you are doing  a frightened and upset nation an injustice by not speaking to the actual problem. How this candidate became President was not through hard-fought campaigning that appealed to a voter base with shared ideological identities but instead through the promotion of hatred and the promise of disenfranchising groups of which I am either a member or have friends, colleagues, or family who are members of. By the end of his campaign, he had offended nearly every group that was not white, cis, Christian identifying males.

No political leadership is demanding a public apology from this man to every group he stepped on to endear himself to his hate filled base but you are insisting we not be upset about this, cease objecting to it and "unite" behind a President-elect who promised to visit harm on and encouraged others to visit harm on, me and mine.

Isn't it bad form to pressure American citizens at risk of harm into "uniting" behind such a President simply because bullying, insults, and atrocious behavior won him the election and now he doesn't feel he needs to atone for his actions? What does this nearly two-year long tragedy tell our children if he is not willing to face those he threatened and earn their trust?

I believe he must earn the respect of the large numbers of people filling the streets who feel the real threat of a Presidency poised to deprive them of the right to free assembly and free speech, the right to speak out in dissent, and the right to personal safety of members of the Muslim American community. citizens who are disabled, elderly, LGBT community members immigrants and people of color.

The Vice-President-elect has just pledged to repeal every protection the LGBT community has fought decades to gain, placing a target on the entire community. Disabled citizens know the President elect has promised to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, something that may literally cost many their lives.

The President and Vice President elect need to do better than simply expecting the awful threats made over 15 months to be forgotten. They clearly are not going to do that. They are forging ahead with their catastrophic social plans that will bring harm to thousands of Americans.

 I guess I expected you, as you are his peer and predecessor, to remind him that he has just been elected the steward of this nation and not the dictator. Regardless of who he was in the past, or how rich he was, he is now an elected official. He serves at the pleasure of the people. And if he wants the nation to accept him he needs to apologize sincerely for his words and actions and all our elected officials need to do more than treat justifiably terrified citizens like sore losers at a grade school softball match. All of our political leaders, need to do better to calm this situation and ensure the safety of those of us the President-elect made whipping posts and targets for his angry voting block.


Mrs. Kerima Çevik
The frightened, Afro-Latina mother of a disabled son with intense support needs.


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