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The Impossible Dream

I have a tendency to be extremely stubborn.  I'll explain what I mean in a minute. Maybe you've seen some crowdfunding going on in a serious way on social media lately. A few examples? My friend and colleague Amy Sequenzia:

Amy is a poet activist. She is a nonspeaker and types to communicate. She needs $2000 to help her support person and herself meet all the expenses of presenting at TASH 2014.

Or maybe you've seen Cara Liebowitz's fundraiser. also a colleague and friend of mine:
Cara is trying to reach her $850 goal. Then there's photographer, activist, Jane Strauss:

What's going on? Well disabled disability rights activists are trying to find a way to raise the money
they need to meet the expenses they must pay in order to present their topics, research, life experiences, and truths to the people they fight for. There are so many people trying to raise what they need to meet the costs of travel, conference, registration, lodging and food that I decided to c…

The Bravery Tapes of Jens Erik Gould

New York Times reporter Jens Erik Gould did a self evaluation of his role in journalism. His soul searching resulted in a decision to begin reporting on people living tremendously couragous lives in the face of overwhelming adversity. He wanted to report about these people, and thus began the Bravery Tapes project.

I haven''t seen this human side of journalism for a very long time and it is welcome. Click the link below that says the Bravery Project and view the lives of these incredible individuals. My Valentine's Day gift to you is to help you see past all the charity fatigue and media content overload. See a world in which everyday people make bravery a way of life.

The Bravery Tapes

Jens Erik Gould in Good 

How Questioning My Role in Journalism Lead Me to Bravery Tapes: Click Here :D

An Open Letter to the President - Karson Kelley

I am not a fan for appropriating the photos, history, or any portion of one movement to represent another. In this case however, there is an insidious agenda that has been creeping across our conservative regions since the Supreme Court's unfortunate decision on the Voting Rights Act. Under the guise of religious freedom, various attempts to reestablish Jim Crow laws are being made. Ostensibly targeting the LGBTQUAI community and using religion to gain the endorsement of devout Christian minorities, the true purpose behind these attempts is to restore discriminatory laws that work against all marginalized populations. It is a frightening thing to see for me, a person who was child at the beginning of the changes that so many of us died to make a reality. This is not a fight for freedom of religion. It is a surreptitious attempt to inject a viral infection of hate back into American life. I don't want that back. I don't want to go backwards. I don't want our freedoms an…

IKUMI YOSHIMATSU 吉松育美 - Miss International 2012's Fight for Survival

Miss International of 2012, Ikumi Yoshimatsu has been quietly fighting a year long battle against some very powerful people. While the problem with media coverage of everything is you never quite get the entire story, I think The Independent does a good job of summing things up with this headline:

"Miss Japan Ikumi Yoshimatsu joins battle against mafia in the media"
Ms. Yoshimatsu did not want to sign with a powerful talent agency. An executive in that agency won't take no for an answer. And what followed was a year of threats, harassment, and fear for Ms. Yoshimatsu and her family. For more details on the incidents themselves and her decision to file criminal and civil charges click this link here 

Ms. Yoshimatsu is now in hiding. Going public with her plight has cost her everything.

Here she is at her last public appearance, a press conference at the foreign press club in December where she tearfully related her ordeal, the unwillingness of the police to help and her pl…

Jack Johnson Black Prize Fighter - Unforgivable Blackness



This is the first post in a one year blog. This blog is my New Year's Resolution. It is here to emphasize the sense of urgency that is repressed about so many things. Today's topic is something that needs those of us who parent autistic children and ally autistic disability rights advocates  and to be, well, BRAVE.

 Sara Bareilles, with uncanny timing, hit me with her song about the time I was asking myself what else I can do to wake parents up.  I have so many examples of parents silently allowing injustices against their children to continue. Horror stories they call them. Horrible because justice is never on the side of their children. Crimes go unpunished. I had one mother tell me how it felt to watch a school principal who knowingly allowed a teacher to abuse her child win an award. This mom kept silent. The next victim was my son.  To quote Sara's song: 
"And since your history of silence,  won't do you any good,  did you think it would Let your words be anything…