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This is the first post in a one year blog. This blog is my New Year's Resolution. It is here to emphasize the sense of urgency that is repressed about so many things. Today's topic is something that needs those of us who parent autistic children and ally autistic disability rights advocates  and to be, well, BRAVE.

 Sara Bareilles, with uncanny timing, hit me with her song about the time I was asking myself what else I can do to wake parents up.  I have so many examples of parents silently allowing injustices against their children to continue. Horror stories they call them. Horrible because justice is never on the side of their children. Crimes go unpunished. I had one mother tell me how it felt to watch a school principal who knowingly allowed a teacher to abuse her child win an award. This mom kept silent. The next victim was my son.  To quote Sara's song: 
"And since your history of silence,  won't do you any good,  did you think it would Let your words be anything…