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#DrivingWhileBlack Will "Road Rage" Be the New Lynching?

Yesterday, Chester County Police announced that 18-year-old Bianca Nikol Roberson was shot in the head by a white man driving a pickup truck. Her body was discovered by police on Wednesday. They are calling it a horrific act of road rage. The West Goshem Township Police Department has released a screenshot of the suspect's truck from traffic camera footage. The suspect is still at large.

A fundraising page has been opened to help the family with burial costs:
On Sunday June 17th, Nabra Hassanen was walking home from an IHOP  sahur ( or suhoor if you aren't Turkish) meal after prayers at her local mosque when she was stalked, attacked, abducted and brutally murdered by Darwin Martinez Torres, who was arrested within the hour.  The police have called this crime a horrific act of road rage. The heartbreakingly moving opinion piece Nabra Hassanen and the Los…

White Privilege, Racial Fluidity, Cultural Appropriation and the Rachel Dolezal Problem

Rachel Dolezal is the end product of hundred of years of cultural appropriation that is commonplace in nearly every aspect of our lives. Not only is she being allowed to continue profiting from assuming an entire Black identity (now she's published a book), but she goes further by appropriating an African name and appropriating the term 'trans' and hyphenating our race to justify a lifetime of fetishizing and appropriating our entire culture. Not satisfied, she is now claiming to be an expert on racial fluidity, thus perverting that as well. When racial fluidity is Googled, articles about her are at the top of the search results.

This is the absolute definition of white privilege in action. Dolezal is trying to revive her career by self-identifying as 'trans-black.' Some claim she is an indicator of the world moving to racial fluidity. Nope! My multiracial children might give expression to racial fluidity. Claiming Dolezal represents or has a right to claim exper…