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Justice Denied

"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob, and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."  
Frederick Douglass
As we all expected, the federal government's attorneys are not seeking a case against Officer Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Michael Brown dead for jaywalking.  It is important that everyone remember that when this catastrophic encounter took place, no one had filed any complaint against Mr. Brown and no one had issued a warrant for his arrest on any charge. He was a young African American male walking down a Ferguson street. He is dead. Officer Wilson is financially set for retirement, cleared of any wrongdoing, and allowed to live as he wishes.
But Michael Brown is dead.
Meanwhile in Brighton, Alabama Sheneque Proctor is also dead. She was at a party with friends in Bessemer when she was arrested for disorderl…

Against The Miseducation of Mustafa Cevik

My Dear Son,

It is my maternal responsibility to counter misinformation regarding the meaning of today's holiday, the civil rights movement,
and those who led it. You are being told, that our first president George Washington, is the father of our country. You are being taught that he "could not tell a lie." President George Washington held slaves and allowed his wife to hold slaves on his plantation, Mt. Vernon. So our first president participated in the enslavement of your mother's people.

President Lincoln is called the "great emancipator" of our people. Know that President Lincoln tried to use the emancipation proclamation, the declaration that the enslaved people on the plantations in the South were free, so that slaves would turn on their former masters and turn the tide of the civil war in favor of the North. So this president hoped to use the deaths of your mother's people to force the war to end early. This effort did not succeed.

Dr. Martin Lu…