The Bravery Tapes of Jens Erik Gould

New York Times reporter Jens Erik Gould did a self evaluation of his role in journalism. His soul searching resulted in a decision to begin reporting on people living tremendously couragous lives in the face of overwhelming adversity. He wanted to report about these people, and thus began the Bravery Tapes project.

I haven''t seen this human side of journalism for a very long time and it is welcome. Click the link below that says the Bravery Project and view the lives of these incredible individuals. My Valentine's Day gift to you is to help you see past all the charity fatigue and media content overload. See a world in which everyday people make bravery a way of life.

The Bravery Tapes

Jens Erik Gould in Good 
Image is of a tall white male in a t-shirt and fatigues walking away from a stone hovel with a woman of color  a young girl and an toddler standing at the open door

How Questioning My Role in Journalism Lead Me to Bravery Tapes: Click Here :D


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