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Answer The Question

I’m here. I’m watching. I’m waiting. The silence is deafening.
Answer question Jada Pinkett-Smith, and thousands of other people my color are asking.

What happened to Freddie Gray?

While many media outlets ignored a week of thousands of people of all races and ethnicities peacefully protesting we kept asking that question.

Remember everyone, including a suspect being arrested, has human and civil rights. This is America. We don't execute or beat people we are arresting. Doing so would put us in violation of our own laws. The head of the Fraternal Order of Police stated in an interview that "police don't want bad cops. They make our jobs dangerous." So why aren't you all answering this question?

I watched, as administrators and politicians derailed, deflected and ignored the question.
I’ve listened to the gaslighting of our people. I heard when peaceful protesters were called a "lynch mob" by one of those who is supposed to investigate what happened. I sa…