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The Impossible Dream

I have a tendency to be extremely stubborn.  I'll explain what I mean in a minute. Maybe you've seen some crowdfunding going on in a serious way on social media lately. A few examples? My friend and colleague Amy Sequenzia:

Amy is a poet activist. She is a nonspeaker and types to communicate. She needs $2000 to help her support person and herself meet all the expenses of presenting at TASH 2014.

Or maybe you've seen Cara Liebowitz's fundraiser. also a colleague and friend of mine:
Cara is trying to reach her $850 goal. Then there's photographer, activist, Jane Strauss:

What's going on? Well disabled disability rights activists are trying to find a way to raise the money
they need to meet the expenses they must pay in order to present their topics, research, life experiences, and truths to the people they fight for. There are so many people trying to raise what they need to meet the costs of travel, conference, registration, lodging and food that I decided to c…